The types of diets for teens

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In a world obsessed with fashion, countless teens are being peer-pressured to go on weight-loss diets. When following a diet, teens or their parents/guardians must keep a watch on their eating habits. The prime reason for any diet is to remain healthy. Diets for teenagers need to be nutritional as the teens are in their years of growth.

Diet for health reasons

Teens need to remain in shape not for the sake of being popular at school, but more because of health issues related to obesity. Teenagers health is crucial at this age. A well-balanced diet must be followed. The definition of normal weight varies from person to person. Factors that determine ideal weight is the height of the person and the age.

The body mass index

The body mass index (BMI) is an evaluation tool used to calculate weight relative to height. The BMI is considered a precise substitute for body fat measurement, but it doesn't measure body fat per se. Since teenage is the age where children go through puberty and their body matures in weight and height, their average BMI should be checked every three to six months. Teenage BMI differs from individuals, and shouldn't be used as a standard for comparison.

Diet for normal development of the body

Bodies of young adults continue to develop until the age of 18 at the least. Due to this development, teens must follow a healthy diet that will determine their body size for years to come. Of course, genes have a major role to play in determining bodily characteristics, but a nutritional diet containing proteins, carbohydrates and fats will certainly build the body. The purpose of this diet is to grow and develop normal weight, not lose weight.

Diet for weight-loss

Weight-loss diet should be followed routinely. Going on a crash diet will only swing the balance to the other end, leading to bulimia and anorexia. Weight-loss diets must include all necessary nutritional requirements, including some unsaturated fat. Avoid saturated fats as are the type of fats that the body stores up. Exclude all unnecessary sugars and grease. Fresh fruits are ideal snacks for a weight-loss diet.

Diet for muscle development

For teens looking to increase muscle weight, their diet should include high carbohydrates, and a good amount of workout. Avoid steroids. Depending on the body, the time to gain muscles may vary. Some gain it earlier than others do.

Don’t compare with the media

Any type of diets for teenagers should be carried out with their personal BMI as their standards. Teenagers must never try to mimic what the media shows as most of these “models” are underweight and have their figure edited on Photoshop to look slim.

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